Thursday, August 19, 2010

Target Sucks

Our political system is inherently flawed, that is no news to me. What i continues to shock me is how blatant these flaws have become without any recalcitrant response from the public.

Citizens United v Federal Election Commission

The verdict of this supreme court case asserts that corporations are indeed entitled to the first amendment, thus allowing them to fund political campaigns without any restrictions. Considering the way that politicians are elected in this "democratic" system (whoever has the most money for their propaganda wins..), the verdict of this case basically allows for Multinational corporations to hand pick the people making decisions about who can marry who, how much funding goes into our schools, how much funding goes to war, how far the police and state can violate our bodies, and every other structure implemented by our government. Fuck, that is scary. I generally trust humans over corporations, but just like the supreme court said, the difference between the two is becoming fuzzy. I have lost all connection to any sort of decision making, having the power to decide is the "charm" of this country, where are my choices?

Shout out to these folks who showed their dismay at Target...A corporation that has activley begun to take advantage of this new priveledge by donating 150,000 dollars to an campaign based on Anti-Gay and Anti-Union/Workers premises.

If i would throw a parade it would be through the supreme court and congress, who made the ridiculous decision to allow this atrocity to occur, but you will not be seeing me shopping at Target. You would have never seen me shopping at Target regardless of this, but fuck Target twice over.