Friday, June 26, 2009


( reminents of my high school transcript)
So its the end of the school year and everybody is lined up outide of school anxiously waiting to get their report cards, everybody's status on facebook is regarding how they passed this failed that test got this fucking score and bull shit. I am tripping on how ridiculous it all is and i go to a school that doesnt take regents but i when i got my transcript all i can feel is bad. Because some 4 standard system can judge on one fucking piece of paper my performance 10 hours a day for a the last two years. This paper according to my classmates and teachers determines the level of success i can attain. FUCK YOU.

I excelled this year breathing, eating, socializing, skateboarding, photographing, playing music, biking, reading, thinking, and talking. And im not going to grade myself on any of these things, because there is no way to put my "performance" of these activities on a piece of paper from F,D,C,B, or A. So wholeheartedly fuck every teacher, administrator, and associate of the school system your career is based on a lie. And your all just scared of the freedom that would potentially come without standards to judge kids by and rules that would keep them in line. Without rules and grades you wouldnt exist in the form that you choose to teach now. And this "education" it follows the same formula that causes oppression in all other forms. A definite heirarchy, laws, authority, and time restrictions. Making the youth passive and oblivious to the power and energy they have that could be fueling something beautiful.

And so, Im riding home from the last day of school and i feel like im cheif bromden and im on my way to go fishing and everybody in the offices around me are suffocating and im on top of the world because theyve given me a break finally. Im laughing and smiling and i feel free, and i take a different route home. So ive decided, i will not go. I will not go anymore.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Things my "friends" posted on face book this morning

Facebook is so ridiculous

Who takes this quiz, are you serious?

What did you say??? You envy your grandma because she got the krazer?


My five dollars an hour cleaning lady! Isnt she cute, i just have to post her picture on fb

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The anthem that plays in my head everyday from september untill june.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

All the jersey kids were going wild the night of cinco de mayo in my neighborhood. From a sample i can assume they all thought they were celebrating mexican independence day by tomando "cerbeaza". Cinco de Mayo was actually a significant victory for mexican nationalists, when an army half the size of their opposition kicked ass. The victory of 4,000 mexicans vrs. 8,000 trained frenchmen in puebla, mexico is what your actually celebrating on cinco de mayo, not independence day aight! And its Cerveza ok?!
I got the fam to ditch an overcrowded restaurant on my block, fo some real shit at Zaragoza. So here some disposable pictures from the night, at Zaragoza on 13th and A!!

How rad is the chick bass player? i know.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Alternative Transportation Thesis NYC from Arianna Gil on Vimeo.

My brother got the Flip camcorder the other day, so with it i made this video for my final school project for community service. I really love riding my bike to school everyone should.