Wednesday, October 6, 2010

support our troops?

My knee jerk reaction: poor uneducated people who enlist in the military are not at fault for the atrocities of war, they are just pawns of the U.S's imperialist project.

I am not so sure of that statement anymore...

"Private Stoner said Sergeant Gibbs “associates with skinheads online.” Specialist Morlock said Sergeant Gibbs had “pure hatred” for all Afghans. Fingers he is accused of collecting are now part of the evidence in the case, as is a tooth he is said to have pulled from a dead Afghan and bones other soldiers said he dug up."
Truly Embarassing...

These people are evil, and i will no longer defend them on the grounds that they are influenced by things they can't control. I will no longer defend them just as i never defend John Ashcroft or Henry Kissinger, because arguably they could be "just influenced by the hyper-capitalist imperial economy they are surrounded by". I am sick of excuses.. I understand how offensive this may be..but i really cant support our troops after the actions at Abhu-Graihb (sp) and now in Afghanistan. You make choices on a daily basis that are intrinsically correlated to your environment, but that is no justification for being a neo-nazi, OK?