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Meth Blunts.

Dylan Adams's dad.

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Get Popular!

May no offense be taken, well maybe.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My man steven holding it down. Trick or treat was what it said on his box if i recall.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Heads must roll


Published: October 18, 2008

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.
The best of times because W.’s long Reign of Error is about to end.

The worst of times because, well, you know why.

In this season of darkness, as Charles Dickens described an earlier mob scene, I’m feeling as vengeful and bloodthirsty as Madame Defarge sharpening her knitting needles at the guillotine.

I even felt a little thrill go up my leg, as Chris Matthews would put it, when I heard that the Lehman Brothers C.E.O., Richard Fuld, got punched in the company gym after it was announced that the firm was going under.

I can’t wait to see the tumbrels rumble up and down Wall Street picking up the heedless and greedy financial aristocracy that plundered and sundered free-market capitalism.

Just when we thought executives of A.I.G., the insurance giant bailed out by taxpayers for $123 billion, had been shamed into stopping their post-bailout Marie Antoinette spa treatments, luxury sports suites, Vegas and California posh resort retreats, we were dumbfounded to learn that some A.I.G. execs were cavorting at a lavish shooting party at a British country manor.

London’s News of the World sent undercover reporters to hunt down the feckless financiers on their $86,000 partridge hunt as they tromped through the countryside in tweed knickers, and then later as they “slurped fine wine” and feasted on pigeon breast and halibut.

The paper reported that the A.I.G. revelers stayed at Plumber Manor — not the ancestral home of Joe the Plumber, a 17th-century country house in Dorset — and spent $17,500 for food and rooms. The private jet to get there cost another $17,500, and the limos added up to $8,000 more.

In an astonishing let-them-eat-cake moment, the A.I.G. big shot Sebastian Preil held court at the bar and told an undercover reporter, “The recession will go on until about 2011, but the shooting was great today and we are relaxing fine.”

There were at least three New Yorkers bagging birds — Jeffrey Malkovsky, a senior director at A.I.G.’s Manhattan office, Hilary James, the general manager of the Bristol Plaza Hotel, and her friend, John Roberts, an A.I.G. adviser.

Who are these looters of our loot? The New York Times should follow up the excellent Portraits of Grief it did after 9/11 with Portraits of Greed.

Payback doesn’t have to go as far as the French Revolution. The grifters shafting us don’t have to shed blood, but they do have to give the money back. As far as these self-serving corporate con men and short-selling traders are concerned, off with their headsets.

John McCain wasted his last-chance debate Wednesday by trying to stir up faux class rage against Barack Obama with Joe the Unvetted Plumber instead of tapping into the real class rage the country feels over bailing out ungrateful financiers who gambled away the life savings of working people.

’Tis a far, far better thing that New York’s attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, did when he demanded that A.I.G.’s former executives who were trying to abscond with many millions in severance payments, bonuses and golden parachutes surrender the swag. He set a good example for the feds, who slapped Mr. Fuld in the face with a subpoena.

Cuomo got A.I.G. to instantly reverse itself and cancel 160 conferences and other events that would have cost more than $8 million, as well as give up information on compensation, bonuses and other payments to determine whether they were fitting. (How could they be?)

“We stopped a $10 million severance payment to Stephen Bensinger, the chief financial officer,” Cuomo told me Friday. “Just look at the words chief financial officer. There’s a phenomenon when senior management sees the corporation deteriorating and they concoct a version of looting the company to take care of themselves.”

Even Cuomo, who has been locked in battle with A.I.G. for a long time, was stunned when he learned of the British hunting folly. At first he thought it could not be true.

“That was our partridge hunting trip,” he said. “The partridge paid the ultimate price, but the taxpayer came close.”

He is using a state “claw back” law, which he says allows him to recover contracts and rescind payments if there was unjust compensation.

Great. Now can he find the $123 billion lost by A.I.G. that we now have to plug with taxpayers’ money?

Let’s hope that if Barack Obama becomes president, the first thing he does is keep his promise to make the junketeers come to Washington (preferably by bus or carpooling) and write the U.S. Treasury a check, after which he will fire them on the spot.

Heads must roll.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Everybody is probably familiar with that confusing little glitch within the beacon cyberworld. You log in and in big letters it will say " WELCOME, DYLAN WEATHERED " what the fuck thats not my name is probably what your thinking. This recently was sent to me as a result,

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Raised By Wolves

Talk about putting things in perspective.  This is the kind of shit that sets kids apart in the u.s. How about those tweeks, whores, and punks Senator? This is an amazing book that if you ever come across i suggest to take advantage of. Its about 10 year old dope addicts, and tranny whores from LA, its shocking.

My favorite quote: 

"Im Dave, Who the fuck are you. You need me to feel superior and i need you to laugh at." 

I came about thinking of this this afternoon on the L train. I saw this guy waiting for the train telling everyone that there were no trains today. He was obviously messing with people but it was not so humorous once i realized his slow movements. i thought "what a dope." He was drinking his coffee  and spilling it and shit. he then proceeded to converse with this young black couple about how the system was trying to bring both of them down, and that there were not trains for black people today. I thought "what a racist dope." 
Then we get in the train and he starts talking to this little girl. He bent down to talk to her and was saying all these wierd things.  Then i'm like yo! " what a fucking racist pedophile dope!" The things urban kids go through! Then i'm skating later and this guy comes up to me and asks me something about where i got my shoes, i tell him, then he says "oh dope." Funny i think to myself. Not so dope. Read this book, Jim Goldberg is my favorite photojournalist ever. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Galanor Report (October 20, 2008)

Feast you're eyes on the very first report and learn of the legend himself...

T GALANOR-in 100 years nobody will know who michael jackson is, but keplers legacy will remain.


Age: Old enough to develop a conspiracy, not on 9/11, but JFK's assassination. Read up.

Profession: to instill wisdom and knowledge of space, mathematics, and the difference between the meanings of "literally" and "figuratively".

Hobbies: drinking water and calling a kid named Gabe, Ben... a lot.

Personality Type: S type, "S" for silly.

A man of wit and prowess Stewart Galanor has taught mathematics at The Beacon School for countless years. Well at least he tries to teach but a lot of the time these mad loud "ghetto girls" (as they have been dubbed) are talking...mad loud. And they got louder when Ari made a joke they couldn't understand, and they got even louder when Jonah made a ridiculously nice tic-tac toss (alliteration) in one of their hair. The bombs went off and they started yelling a lot and cursing and shit... very unnecessary. Even the igglybuff and magmar on my desk told them they needed to cool down. However, Galanor the warrior he is continued to write on the board, unfaltered by the blasting foghorn of profanity.

Bad Picture of Igglybuff.


Peace. Love. Math. Kepler. Legend.
Max Aserlind

Stupid Kids

Jeez i wish i could be part of the stay high club. I wonder if i talk about weed a lot during school and make sure i allow these people to patronize and take advantage of me i might get in. 

All public school students are required to take some sort of health course, even if its by a totally uncertified basketball coach who talks about his cousins in long island and happy hour all the time. My only 8 o clock class happens just to be this sort of course, shit. When something if anything intreaguing comes up i sometimes write it down. Heres quote of the year from Mr. S, " it could be possible alcohol affects brain development maybe." Genius. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blunts,Nudists,Penis's,and Mutants.

Iggly Buff, Skate Nerds, Reefer, Rastas, Fixed Gears, Jumbo Cohones, Israeli Kids. And anyone else, although i think its pretty easy to associate your self under one of these titles, come out and support Obama at a sick show coming up. Friday, October 17th 2008! 
In Brooklyn, 4th avenue between union and president street ( ironic yes?!). Performing will be Banzai, Calamus, Le Rug, Phsycho Thriller, Rad
iates, Michael Jordan, Rainbow Party, and LILY!!! It starts at 7 and will end around 11, 

ArtWork: Tristan Reginato, Spencer Fitzgib
bon, Izzy Doughty.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Very limited times come in your life when you can be this stoked. Enjoy and remember every one of them. The laws of attraction are wild, i remember waking up that day and saying " i cant wait to meet Cardiel today." i set it in my mind that i was going to meet him, just out of rumor that he was in new york city. Anything can fucking happen its all about the projection. There should be a class in school on it fuck. i miss summer so much. 

" The law of attraction, which is the principle that " like attracts like." What we do is we attract things  into our lives, the things we want, which is based on what were thinking and feeling."

Photocredit Bill Strobeck.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Infant Stoners


Although this blog has previously endorsed stoner artists such as Isa Wang. i have to say i dont endorse babies smoking pot, even if its the new in thing; Its true though, 11 year olds are coping weed in Tompkins. This shit is CRAZY.

I know an 11th grader who has never heard of Mao Zedong. 

Sunday, August 17, 2008


John Cardiel, get some. John Cardiel being one of the most infulential skateboarders in my life, dropped a visit in nyc this week. While most of you were wasting your day at Manny Lamia. all though i admit i participated in the day wasting for long enough to tell you, it was a waste.  I finally met him for the first time. AHHHHHH! There isnt enough energy i can project on this blog to explain the kind of introduction and spirit this person has.  Cardiel is the man, get some, get some energy. 

Also, See his Epicly Later'd it will blow your mind.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Favorites. 1 dollar film, 

Sunday, April 27, 2008

China Fun Mao

Artwork By Isa Wang. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Old Film, Great!

! Old film, either way i like them, all taken on my old school fm2 Nikon camera. The east village is changing a lot and it is nice to get some of the rad things about it photo because soon enough everything will just be one huge NYU dorm.