Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am going to pitch a few scenario's to you guys right now:

1. Your about to go to this party in Brooklyn. You guys are about to leave but your mad hungry, nobody wants to go out to get food because you said you would meet someone and your already by the L train station. Someone picks up their phone and says
"oh shit, its Saturday night right?" somebody replies, " yeah so what".
"We could order some fries from Ray's!"
"Word i am actually craving a milkshake"

Then someone takes out their phone and dials 1718 473 9636, and its there in a jiffy.

2. You are at a party and all your friends are super hungry but too drunk to leave the house, you all decide that some Belgian waffles and fries would hit the spot; in which case you all come to a consensus that your going to order from Rays. Someone whips out their phone, dials 1718 473 9636 and all the problems dissipate.

3. You get home blazed out of your mind with the munchies. Obviously too lazy to go out and buy some food... and with the cupboards being empty, only one option remained. You slowly crawl to the nearest phone and dial 1 718 473 9636, and order to your hearts content. Its there in a jiffy and you are satisfied.

what a good night huh?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We shouldn't feel confined by routine everyday of the week, in fact it feels unbelievably great to break it. Monday nights in NYC have the potential to be full of art if you have the energy and maybe a skateboard. On any given Monday night you could.. write a paper, play drums really loud before your neighbors get home from work, fold a hundred ray's menus, go to a Trade School Workshop, visit your "grandpa", get free artichoke pizza, hop the train, and go to the Tank in midtown. This is all possible without a dime, and before 2 am. new york is a crazy place but i cant keep still anyway.

so..I created a monster last night:
I come out in awkward silences. I will scream Big L and Minor Threat lyrics at any given appearance. I am an awkward monster but its not my fault it is just my hate for the damn police; their guts fried is what i eat for dinner usually, but if I'm unlucky ill have to chew on some auxiliary fools, or politicians. I cant fit my skinny jeans anymore from eating so many so i just kick it nude.

we can feel alive everyday of the week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Shennanigans

This weekend me and my brother came across an interesting character at the gas station upstate. We didn't exchange any words but through a conversation on the phone we were enlightened with her plans for the week, which although i dont remember specifically, probably included Botox, and spray tan, appointments.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Vancouver Olympics Suck!

All the things about the Olympics that suck, as well as why the Vancouver Olympics realllly really suck.

First off, the events are so boring...

I bet you didn't even watch more than the first 20 seconds of that.

Second and most importantly, the events are taking place on stolen aboriginal land. The Olympic spectacle seems like just another manifestation of colonization. Canada is this years Culprit, literally flaunting their association with aboriginal populations; calling the nations that had their land stolen "the four host nations". They have gone so far as to try to sell baseball hats off of it.

Its ridiculous to me how it could be aboriginally themed, with no participation from the aboriginal populations whatsoever. I haven't personally seen one athlete who wasn't white. There is a lot of resistance to this, i found information on it from a group called NO 2010. According to their website,"The Olympics are not about the human spirit & have little to do with athletic excellence; they are a multi-billion dollar industry backed by powerful elites, real estate, construction, hotel, tourism and television corporations, working hand in hand with their partners in crime: government officials & members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)."

Vancouver is an especially oppressive case, which draws attention to the mistreatment of native populations. "BC remains largely unceded and non-surrendered Indigenous territories. According to Canadian law, BC has neither the legal nor moral right to exist, let alone claim land and govern over Native peoples. Despite this, and a fraudulent treaty process now underway, the government continues to sell, lease and ‘develop’ Native land for the benefit of corporations, including mining, logging, oil & gas, and ski resorts. Meanwhile, Indigenous peoples suffer the highest rates of poverty, unemployment, imprisonment, police violence, disease, suicides, etc."

So while Suzy Suzanne and Abrdsamenkoo Olesskandderrr are giving the "performance of their lives", and MCdonalds and Visa are making millions of dollars. The Forests, Indigenous populations, and Communities of Vancouver are suffering. RESIST THE EXCUSE TO WATCH TELEVISION,SPREAD THE WORD, and Maybe you could blow up a McDonalds in solidarity!!!

( FROM NO 2010)

"We Are McLovin Anti-Olympic Action!

Valentine's day 2010, Calgary's finest Anarchists smashed up a local McDonalds establishment in solidarity with comrades in Vancouver. Olympic sponsors all over Calgary have been targeted in acts of comradeship with the protesters in Vancouver. At approximately 1:30am at 4th street and 23rd ave NW, a group of Anarchists ran up and destroyed the establishment leaving it in shambles. We're McLovin it on Valentine's day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Important Things Going Down Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Ray's Delivery Service Team's first night on shift. I am thrilled and nervous. My shift starts at 12AM and goes through 5, it will definitely be an stretch as far as my ability to stay awake goes but the good news is that Ive been sleeping in class all day so I'm preparing. I spent time last week setting the whole thing up and looks like tomorrow's operations will definitely be smooth. I have to say setting it up with him was a blast, in the process i handled bills, made change, milkshakes, Belgian waffles, and a swirly cone. People are really eating ice cream still, that's how good it is!

[photo credit Bob Arihood]

I encourage everyone who reads this and is located in lower Manhattan to take advantage of tomorrow night's services. The Belgian Fries are unlike anything you've ever tried before, and you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home. Instead of ordering from chipotle or some other characterless franchise, when you've got the munchies hit us up. This food is made with LOOOOVE.  The menu below holds all your hearts desires.

1718 473 9636

Thursday, February 4, 2010