Thursday, December 3, 2009


I keep getting emails from Barack Obama and friends. Today i thought i would experiment with some responses.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden,

As a concerned citizen of the United States i will have to express my disbelief at your actions. You tricked the people of America with hope that you were bringing fresh ideas and policies into the government. Instead you are leading another war campaign into Afghanistan, under the illusion of national security. Thank you for attempting to reform the health care system, maybe you should focus more on that. Seeing as it has not passed, and there are still 47 million Americans without health care. As of now i have no faith in government and you have assured me that even the most progressively packaged liberals from the democratic party cant make change in a system that inherently prioritizes war and corporations. I oppose your military proposition and i suggest you rethink your diplomatic skills.

Skeptically yours,
Rob Shnyder

Barack Obama and Joe Biden,

Fuck U yo,I am mad upset. U r a lying piece of shit. Stop sending me emails, bcuz im sik of hearing your shit. Mayb if U told us the truth about your bitch-ass plans for Afghanistan U wldn't hav gotten elected LoL. I am goin to take you and your dumbass friends out.

Suck a Dick,
Lil' Wayne

Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the whole damn system for the matter,

If you think all humans are just brainwashed worshipers of your government's lies you will have to think twice. I fully oppose any military action by the United States because it propagates further hatred of our country and will result in the death of thousands of innocent people. If you want to stop the disease don't fight the symptoms with the root of the problem. The Military and Government should be completely dismantled. Our imperial incentives in the Middle East are only so that the white man can continue to dominate. You are all just as white as Dick Cheney's ass. Did you sign weapons contracts with Halliburton yet? I'm sure Dick Cheney will want to talk to you about where the American Tax dollars are going to go. OH right, his back pocket? You and your government are not going to get away with this shit, soon everyone will realize you are just a neo-con trying to pull some sneaky illusion of a peoples president.

Viva la Revolucion,

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