Monday, March 15, 2010

The Beacon Photo Booth

I am sitting in the 3rd floor mac lab at my school right now. I cant help but look through the images a variety of classes have produced through out the day and conclude that these intense "academic classes" that Beacon claims it offers are kind of a joke. Its last period, and i haven't done anything except for checked the weather to see when its going to be dry enough to skate... Here is me and Claudia during Film F14, getting syched.

I love it though, because it gives the Beacon photo booth models a kind of notoriety, i mean all these kids are probably famous by now...and its mad entertaining. Here you will find Beacons finest (otter!!!eyes low holler!) and Beacons biggest Sophmore synths. Soo..i present to you the Beacon Photo Booth, dont take anything too seriously. But granted. Some of these photos just naturally raise the question "are you serious?" or more like... why is beacon so full of goons?

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