Sunday, September 12, 2010

40 oz Fail

40 oz Bounce! In the Heights!

Obey Da Stoner

Ok so I thought it would be fun to take pictures with interesting looking persons. So i did like Reese Werkhoven and chose my favorite characters and took some flicks. Luckily i had my bro Alon taking the are some of many, starting with my boy alll the way from Staten Island!!!


Best Fwends

Unfortunately this party wasn't so Bouncin' because there was no music (deaded generator). But i had a grand time watching the crowd of 400 or so people run back and forth between the park because of supposed "cops". When the Cops finally did show, there were only two of them ......on Mopeds, and the 400 or so toughest looking heights dudes went running.

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