Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yo, you know what rational racism is?

The Beacon School.

So i'm trying as best i can to integrate radical and provocative themes in my schools community service program. Already we have established youth facilitators, we read a letter from birmingham jail, talked about solidarity. thats tight i guess.

But I kind of felt kicking down the walls of my school friday when this happened to me. As a community service advisor i try to help kids find places to do their community service. I've been trying to convince all my kids to go out and work for rad organizations rather than housing works, or a middle schools. To get to the point, after advisory, i have this one kid telling me he doesn't have time for community service. so i'm all like: "o.k then fail".

Oh my god, this kid! Says he plays tennis for 4 hours everyday after school, and does homework all day on the weekends. Not only is it a problem that this kid is clearly lying, but how when i told this kid if he didn't do community service he was going to fail, he went and got his coach, coincidentally the admissions person at my school, and they both coerced me into allowing him to tutor kids spanish during lunch. Wow, so I'm asking everybody in my class to go outside of school, do some real work, look at problems communities are facing, and because your a privileged white kid who plays tennis, you don't have to?
Basically, thats what the dean of admissions/tennis coach told me. Right on!
It's the same guy who didn't allow students at my school to hold a forum on diversity in public schools. Its the same guy who teaches "american social history" and considers himself a progressive. What a rational racist.

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