Monday, June 22, 2009

Things my "friends" posted on face book this morning

Facebook is so ridiculous

Who takes this quiz, are you serious?

What did you say??? You envy your grandma because she got the krazer?


My five dollars an hour cleaning lady! Isnt she cute, i just have to post her picture on fb


Lucca Zeary said...

jiyon is so fucking rude and anoying

jiyeon park said...

this is the most disrespectful thing i have ever encountered...

Jude K. said...

yo straight up, the last thing about jiyeons cleaning lady is mad rude Ari, your blog is ill and i enjoy reading it and taking your opinions on things into account but this shit is just unecessary, you don't know anything about Jiyeon and to post something she posted just to get some kind of kick out of it puts her in the position of being judged and commented on about (i.e.-lucca zeray)
I recommend deleting this, and if you don't whatever, but this is just so unecessary and provokes drama as well as hurts peoples feelings. show a little more respect for people and leave the things they post themselves alone.