Monday, January 11, 2010

Neighborhoods Rule

1. i saw a white woman with juicy couture socks and uggs on carrying a brand new 45'' inch plasma flatscreen t.v to her house today, in Harlem.

2. I am feeling angry as ever about white entitlement. You think this city is just something you can buy? Fuck off, you stupid kids who come here and go to school so that you can get a job that upholds your supremacy. Your not artists, and your not real. You want to make shallow movies and "conceptual"/ Crap art? take a look around. You hate your Puerto Rican neighbors and you have never eaten maduros in your life, i bet you dont even know what that is . You support the local drug and alcohol economy but you never thought that you might have been moving into a real fucking neighborhood. You want truth, lets talk about eviction and tenant abuse in the lower east side. About asthma rates in the south Bronx, about the fucking drug cartels in the heights, strategically placed garbage incinerators and power plants. Yeah this city isn't just somewhere you can drop your white dough and it becomes yours. This city is full of class divisions and racism open your fucking eyes, your propagating it everyday. I am talking about everyone here, myself and you. I might have started this rant with a sense of superiority, like i know what a maduro is therefore i am aloud to hang out in the lower east side. That isn't really the goal, i just am angry about the lack of consciousness i have been observing lately.

i don't know what i can say yet about Washington heights, i have collected some things. I have sat and listened to Jehovah's witness's preach the bible for longer that bearable, at my door. In the end they gave me a pamphlet about who really runs the world government (god, as seen in the pamphlet as a white man).

Lurked at Jhood,and seen shit like this go down...

Found weird things like this... and erotic porn on the entrance to riverside park, which i unfortunately don't have a photo of.

And..contributed heavily to the rice and beans economy. Fantastic... but I would really like to participate in something more substantial.


APlat said...

AMEN. This is my favorite post of yours.

Anonymous said...

you are not a revolutionary.

you are a boring and outdated cliche of a cliche.

none of your thoughts are new, interesting, or original.