Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fuck Outta Here!

When your bike is getting stolen in front of your eyes, what would you do? I'm on Ave. A tight as fuck because my knee has swollen to the size of a grapefruit. My bike is laying next to me on the ground and this crusty just walks up and starts to mount it. I pushed that fucker off the bike and grabbed it back. The world gets up in arms because a "lady" just defended herself. He starts yelling don't leave your stuff around, obviously embarrassed. Two women walk up to me and say "Wow, you are so brave". Well i guess, but this guy was about to steal my bike, what would you do scream for help? Well, this isn't the first time its happened, I had to tackle a guy going through my bag while trying to skate Cooper Unnnion. Cliche like my critics have stated, but I will not stand for this standard of idleness that has permeated female identity. fucking stick up for yourself. Well, it doesn't end there, Saturday some fifty year old asshole who cant play soccer for shit gets angry at me for being overly aggressive, and pushes me; both hands on chest. "Wowwwwowowooo there buddy, (i am 40 years your minor, I'm not interested in fighting you, or getting groped). so what do i do, only what any human with more sentiments that a doormat would do. I called that mother fucker out, " You are a fucking asshole" i told him and a whole lot more.

Well after all the bullshit the whole male court is looking at me like i am insane. My dad disregards my attempt to call him out and tells me to go home, and i am still fighting the right to make a deal out of this. Why is it so hard for women to get support when they've been harassed? Even from their own families. Well my friends...I propose you read this book. Maybe then you can understand where I'm coming from when i get upset when i am groped and pushed on the soccer field and then victimized for standing up for myself. I am sick of moderate reactions. You know something like..."Shit, the chemicals from our coal burning plant are giving people cancer and polluting the air. Somebody even reported the car paint being deteriorated by the wind blowing all the chemicals around it. (!true story!) So..lets put scrubbers on our exhaust pipes (chemical catching devices) and then throw the trapped chemicals into the river. Where no one can see it" That's what your asking me to do if you say i should have calmly responded in a diplomatic manner to harassment. It may be less embarrassing for you and your company dad, but its against my principles to let people get away with bullshit without screaming FUCK YOU.


Anonymous said...

it's curious to me why you're acting as though you being a girl didn't save you from getting rocked on by both of the guys in the two situations you described.

i am a male, and if i had done what you did in those situations, which granted, you were right to react as you did, i would fully expect to get swung on.

whos gonna hit a girl though? no one should be stealing your bike or groping and pushing you on a soccer field and you can yell and scream and push them all you want but when you get right down to the grit of it the fact remains that no one will hit a girl in the street, and even if someone did other people would immediately get pissed and fuck that guy up.

it's cool that you won't take any shit just because you're a girl but come back and talk to me when if you say the wrong shit to someone, or even look at someone the wrong way, they're gonna fight you and you won't have any advantages when it comes to gender.

Come Together said...

word, i think your comment is really insightful. I may not be in a bad position in terms of physical safety. But there is a definite line of distinction between a girl defending herself and a guy. Maybe i wont be put in a position where i would get hit, but defending myself in any manner will cause confusion and shock ...most of the time/from my experience.

Lucca said...
don't steal bikes bro