Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We shouldn't feel confined by routine everyday of the week, in fact it feels unbelievably great to break it. Monday nights in NYC have the potential to be full of art if you have the energy and maybe a skateboard. On any given Monday night you could.. write a paper, play drums really loud before your neighbors get home from work, fold a hundred ray's menus, go to a Trade School Workshop, visit your "grandpa", get free artichoke pizza, hop the train, and go to the Tank in midtown. This is all possible without a dime, and before 2 am. new york is a crazy place but i cant keep still anyway.

so..I created a monster last night:
I come out in awkward silences. I will scream Big L and Minor Threat lyrics at any given appearance. I am an awkward monster but its not my fault it is just my hate for the damn police; their guts fried is what i eat for dinner usually, but if I'm unlucky ill have to chew on some auxiliary fools, or politicians. I cant fit my skinny jeans anymore from eating so many so i just kick it nude.

we can feel alive everyday of the week.

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