Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am going to pitch a few scenario's to you guys right now:

1. Your about to go to this party in Brooklyn. You guys are about to leave but your mad hungry, nobody wants to go out to get food because you said you would meet someone and your already by the L train station. Someone picks up their phone and says
"oh shit, its Saturday night right?" somebody replies, " yeah so what".
"We could order some fries from Ray's!"
"Word i am actually craving a milkshake"

Then someone takes out their phone and dials 1718 473 9636, and its there in a jiffy.

2. You are at a party and all your friends are super hungry but too drunk to leave the house, you all decide that some Belgian waffles and fries would hit the spot; in which case you all come to a consensus that your going to order from Rays. Someone whips out their phone, dials 1718 473 9636 and all the problems dissipate.

3. You get home blazed out of your mind with the munchies. Obviously too lazy to go out and buy some food... and with the cupboards being empty, only one option remained. You slowly crawl to the nearest phone and dial 1 718 473 9636, and order to your hearts content. Its there in a jiffy and you are satisfied.

what a good night huh?


Anonymous said...

If I was outside of the L train waiting to go to a party in Brooklyn and I was hungry I would get fries from papaya, on the corner of 14th and 1st, where they actually cost a dollar.

Lucca said...

ari im laughing mad hard now