Sunday, October 26, 2008

Raised By Wolves

Talk about putting things in perspective.  This is the kind of shit that sets kids apart in the u.s. How about those tweeks, whores, and punks Senator? This is an amazing book that if you ever come across i suggest to take advantage of. Its about 10 year old dope addicts, and tranny whores from LA, its shocking.

My favorite quote: 

"Im Dave, Who the fuck are you. You need me to feel superior and i need you to laugh at." 

I came about thinking of this this afternoon on the L train. I saw this guy waiting for the train telling everyone that there were no trains today. He was obviously messing with people but it was not so humorous once i realized his slow movements. i thought "what a dope." He was drinking his coffee  and spilling it and shit. he then proceeded to converse with this young black couple about how the system was trying to bring both of them down, and that there were not trains for black people today. I thought "what a racist dope." 
Then we get in the train and he starts talking to this little girl. He bent down to talk to her and was saying all these wierd things.  Then i'm like yo! " what a fucking racist pedophile dope!" The things urban kids go through! Then i'm skating later and this guy comes up to me and asks me something about where i got my shoes, i tell him, then he says "oh dope." Funny i think to myself. Not so dope. Read this book, Jim Goldberg is my favorite photojournalist ever. 

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