Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blunts,Nudists,Penis's,and Mutants.

Iggly Buff, Skate Nerds, Reefer, Rastas, Fixed Gears, Jumbo Cohones, Israeli Kids. And anyone else, although i think its pretty easy to associate your self under one of these titles, come out and support Obama at a sick show coming up. Friday, October 17th 2008! 
In Brooklyn, 4th avenue between union and president street ( ironic yes?!). Performing will be Banzai, Calamus, Le Rug, Phsycho Thriller, Rad
iates, Michael Jordan, Rainbow Party, and LILY!!! It starts at 7 and will end around 11, 

ArtWork: Tristan Reginato, Spencer Fitzgib
bon, Izzy Doughty.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I think these are some of the best ads I have seen out there. At least it got me looking at them. great job, in fact much better than those kalvin cline ads much more original bravo!