Monday, October 20, 2008

The Galanor Report (October 20, 2008)

Feast you're eyes on the very first report and learn of the legend himself...

T GALANOR-in 100 years nobody will know who michael jackson is, but keplers legacy will remain.


Age: Old enough to develop a conspiracy, not on 9/11, but JFK's assassination. Read up.

Profession: to instill wisdom and knowledge of space, mathematics, and the difference between the meanings of "literally" and "figuratively".

Hobbies: drinking water and calling a kid named Gabe, Ben... a lot.

Personality Type: S type, "S" for silly.

A man of wit and prowess Stewart Galanor has taught mathematics at The Beacon School for countless years. Well at least he tries to teach but a lot of the time these mad loud "ghetto girls" (as they have been dubbed) are talking...mad loud. And they got louder when Ari made a joke they couldn't understand, and they got even louder when Jonah made a ridiculously nice tic-tac toss (alliteration) in one of their hair. The bombs went off and they started yelling a lot and cursing and shit... very unnecessary. Even the igglybuff and magmar on my desk told them they needed to cool down. However, Galanor the warrior he is continued to write on the board, unfaltered by the blasting foghorn of profanity.

Bad Picture of Igglybuff.


Peace. Love. Math. Kepler. Legend.
Max Aserlind

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L said...

tick tak as a hair extention? Love the graffiti on desk