Monday, January 19, 2009

Radiate Skate

Im trying to get a trip together for the skaters of new orleans, hopefully to get a group of skaters from nyc to work in solidarity with those down there to get them a place to skate. I think skating can be a really positive outlet of energy and there were a lot of kids out there practicing on their driveways. The kids were all down with radiate, hecka tight skaters down in NOLA. i have pictures of them all but i still have to develop the film. Thing is the park cost 10 dollers to get in everyday. what kind of joke is that, there is no grocery store in the lower ninth and your charging lets see... lazy people at 12th and a go there every day so thats 70 a week, 280 a month mad guap a year. Hit me up if your down with the trip to Nawlins it should be really fun i just have to get it together.

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