Tuesday, January 6, 2009


" Cornell was a singular force in the world of photography, opening our eyes to the power of the photographic image as an agent of change"

I am an agent of change
I am a Photographer
I am Concerned!

The use of imagery to influence and create social change has been historically one of the most effective and powerful means of education. Looking at the propaganda during revolutions such as the Chinese cultural revolution it becomes evident. Without the persistence of 2.2 billion images symbolizing and strengthening Mao's power the revolution would have never occurred. Although very Orwellian, Mao achieved a mass social revolution by destroying all that contradicted him and replacing that with visual arts furthering his movement. This being only an example of the dystopic manners in which powerful imagery can be used; revolutionary none the less. We see this today in advertisement; arguably a revolution slowly converting the economy and American social life to revolve around consumerism. The power of advertisement through image couldn't compare in effectiveness to other forms of accumulating information. The question for me becomes can i use a lens to inform people about social injustice, counter culture movements, action through solidarity, and genocide we see in our own country and world today. Who and where do we turn to for information on the state of our world? The American media's job at showing the revolution of Nicaragua again cant compare to  the power of Susan Meiselas work showing the revolutionary movement there. Taking back the power of imagery is so important, what we see today is the manipulation of visual arts in forms of negative propaganda. in contrast this is my little fight, bringing justice to the Capa's, Lauren Greenberg, Susan Meiselas, Eugene Smith, and Jim Goldberg's.  

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