Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hours i have spent in school during my life so far. My aunt always tells me that if you spend 10,000 hours doing anything you will become an expert at that. I am becoming an expert at doing what the fuck I'm told to. I cant concentrate in school, I cant concentrate on something i don't care about. I have been playing games with myself for 10 years trying to trick my brain into doing something it doesn't want to. It is carefully designed so when i get older i am conditioned by these exercises to continue to do work without thinking twice. The more you practice the less you think about it. I practice listening to what people tell me to do regardless of whether i want to do it or not 7 hours a day. I have my manners so ingrained in my conscious because of this practice i get at school, that i sometimes follow the rules outside of school. I feel like painting on the walls all the time and dancing on the train and skating wherever the fuck i want I want but my muscle memory has got me following the rules everywhere i go.

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Beautiful Days said...

I feel you Ari!!!! I've heard that too, about the 10,000 hours.
People are conditioned and you can see it on peoples faces when they are going to work. They do the same thing every single day without think twice. They go to work where they are ordered around by someone who has been trained to do just that, keep order and the rules in check. Why do all this work?! For what? In the end it's not to help anyone but yourself. So many jobs are unnecessary, but they exist in order to give people something to do. If we look at nature what are animals doing everyday? They are surviving. All we need to do is survive, but together, growing food in a community where we can all get our basic needs. We would be happier and have more time for ourselves and to be with people that we love. I know this is possible, because I saw it in Nicaragua.