Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Morning, Everyday.

Last night i had a dream that i walked into my 7th grade history class with two 24oz of Coors Light. I then proceeded to yell and spazz out and slam the keyboards. Everybody seemed pretty calm around me and then the Dean came in. She had an inch of make up on her face and hairs coming out of a mole under her lip. I threw my clothes at her, and ran around the school..Naked. When i left i ran into Tristan and it was his birthday. I was so excited to see him and thats about when i forget what else happened. Maybe i woke up, maybe it was a dream but this is what happened next.

I walked into the living room and NY1 was on, apparently the Yankees won the world series! YAY!!!psyche. The story was about sporting goods stores. How the second after the Yankees won, they had to scramble to supply Yankees Memorabilia to the raving fans. How New York pride manifested into a huge shopping spree at Modells. It was retold completely subjectively as if people were really interested in the demands of stores because of consumerist fervor rendered from the world series. This got me really mad, NY1 was trying to sell me the world series, through Matsui T-Shirts, and World Series 09' caps. This is when i concluded for the millionth time that Mainstream news is actually just a slightly longer commercial that is advocating your stupidity and passiveness.

The combination of these two dreams/ the reality of the situation at hand made me loose my mind for a good 10 minutes. So Ive decided to take a mental health day off, and try to get the fuck out of here.

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